Machining cutting tools types

Different Machining processes need use different cutting tools. Such as: holes need use driller, Screw need tapper, ,Milling cutting need use milling tools etc.


As per material quality to classify cutting tools types

  1. White steel cutter: easy to wear and tear, used for roughening copper and small steel.
  2. Tungsten steel cutter: used for angle clearing (especially steel) and smooth knife.
  3. Alloy cutting tool: similar to tungsten steel knife.
  4. Purple cutter: used in high speed cutting, not easy to wear.
machining cutting tool
machining cutting tool


  1. Flat-bottomed cutting tool: for flat and straight side, clearing plane angle.
  2. Ball head cutting tool: It is used for light knife and light knife in all kinds of curved surface.
  3. Bull nose cutting tool: (unilateral, bilateral and five sides): used for roughening of steel (R0.8, R0.3, R0.5, R0.4).
  4. Coarse cutting tool: used for roughening, pay attention to the remaining method (0.3).


  1. Straight rod cutter: Straight rod cutter is suitable for various occasions.
  2. Inclined rod cutter: but not suitable for straight face and face with slope less than rod slope.

According the blade to classify cutting tools types:

Two-edged, three-edged and four-edged, the more the number of edges, the better the effect, but the more work done, the corresponding adjustment of speed and feed, the longer the life of the number of edges.

The difference between ball knife and flying knife

  1. Ball head cutting tool: When concave ruler is smaller than ball ruler and flat ruler is smaller than ball R, light can not be obtained (bottom angle can not be cleared).
  2. Flying cutting tool: The advantage is that it can clear the bottom angle. Comparisons of the same parameters: V=R*ω rotates a lot faster (flying cutter), the things that shine out with great force are bright, flying knife is mostly used for contour shape, sometimes flying knife does not need mid-light. The disadvantage is that the concave size and plane ruler are less than the flying knife diameter in less time.

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