CNC turned part, also named CNC Turning Parts.

By using a CNC Lathe, turning is a process is to cut material to create round shapes. The workpiece is placed inside the lathe and rotates while a cutter removes material until only the desired shape remains.

Turning is ideal for cylindrical parts and is primarily done using round rod material. In workshop, in order to product round structure on a workpiece, square and hexagonal bar can also be used.

KYLT have already produced many kinds of CNC turning parts over 10 years. Experienced engineers always provided useful solution to our customers to solve their difficult problem in making CNC turning parts.

KYLT CNC Machine workshop in China offer CNC turning service to help your business in the following ways:

  • High Speed Production
  • Precision Parts and Components production
  • Reduce Manufacturing cost & Cut down the Production Expenses
CNC Turning services
CNC Turning services

CNC Turning Parts pictures show

Some CNC turned parts for our clients as reference

stainless steel machined part
stainless steel machined part

STAINLESS STEEL Precision CNC Turning Part for Monitor.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Surface Finish: Machined finish
  • Tolerance (+ or -) :0.03mm, Stainless Parts, Custom Machining Service, Precision Turning Parts
nylon machined part
plastic nylon machined part

Plastic nylon CNC TURNed PART FOR medical devices.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Surface Finish: Machined finish
  • Tolerance (+ or -) : 0.05mm, Plastic Parts, Custom Turning Service, Precision Turned Parts
Aluminum CNC turned part
Aluminum CNC turned part

Plastic nylon CNC Turned Part for medical devices.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Surface Finish: Machined finish
  • Tolerance (+ or -) : 0.02mm, Aluminum Parts, Custom Turning Service, Precision Turned Parts

CNC Turned Parts Materials Classified:

Aluminum CNC turning parts

aluminum turned workpiece
aluminum turned workpiece

Carbon steel CNC turning parts

Stainless Steel CNC turned part

Stainless steel CNC lathe turned part
Stainless steel CNC lathe turned part

Plastic (POM, NYLON etc) CNC lathe parts

plastic turning part
plastic turning part

Copper CNC turned parts

copper CNC turning part
copper CNC turning part

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