China Quality Stainless Steel Rapid Prototype by CNC

Stainless steel rapaid prototype is widely used in Medical usage parts and devices. As one of the common materials for rapid prototyping and prototype manufacturing, KYLT provide quality parts, MOQ 1pcs is allowed.

Today, we will show one stainless steel rapid prototype, which made by CNC milling.

Stainless steel rapid protype structure description:

  1. Cylinder body dia. 12mm, length 25mm
  2. one end with ovel-shaped flange. Dia. 2mm assembly holes for screws. Flange thickness:2mm
  3. Flange side bottom has a rectangle structure hole (not through). Rectangle length 10mm, Width 8mm, depth 25mm


  1. Stainless block cutting as per demand
  2. Precision turning machine by NC lathe to got cylinder structure
  3. CNC milling to finish the flange structure and holes with chamber
  4. CNC milling, the rectangle structure be finished
stainless steel fast prototype
stainless steel fast prototype

More details of this stainless steel rapid prototype video:

structure description: KYLT provide high quality stainless steel CNC machining prototype from 1 off prototype to 100 low volume production run.
Samples or Pieces stainless steel prototype can be done precisely by CNC machining. As Stainless steel is much harder than aluminum alloy, that costs about 2 to 3 times longer hours to machine than aluminum. In China, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 17-4PH, 416, 420 stainless steel are available for CNC machining.

304 Stainless steel prototype
304 Stainless steel prototype

Normally we will keep the milled and turned parts as machined finish if there’s no specific surface finish required.

Ra0.8 surface roughness can be achieved by CNC machining.

Quality machined surface and dimensional accuracy be insured by CNC machines and cutting tools.

rapid prototypes
rapid prototypes

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