Turned Pins, made by CNC turning parts machining. Adopts CNC lathe machine to cut extra steel materials from steel bar. The CNC turning process features turned part with smooth furface, precision tolearnce.

This is for a heavy equipment scissors. Whole tool consist of 76 pins of 7 different types.

deployalbe scissor structure tool

Steel Turned Pins Material

 The 4140 HD STEEL material is required. To meet local steel type. We choose 40CRMNMO (CHINA GB standard) to machine the Pins.
4140 HD steel is one kind prehard steel, which with good strength. This prehard material saves the step of hardening. If pins be hard after machining, which can lead to heat based distortions.   CNC lathe machine working with the hardened steel easily.

Nearly Steel Types suitable for turned pins:

Japan standard: JIS-scm440

Euro standard:EN-42CRMO4

Steel TRUNED PINS Machining Tolearnces & Dimensions:

prehard steel turned pins part by CNC lathe machine

In this project, Steel turning machined pins involve: scissor center pins, outer pins, terminal pins etc.

All turned pins tolerance +- 0.12mm. Smooth surface, no flash and burr.

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